Will Power


Did you know you make an average of 200 food related decisions each day?!

Hot coffee or tea? Eggs or a smoothie? Snack or no snack? A lot of these decisions are also subconscious. The decision to eat because you're bored or stressed isn't usually one you know you're making.

Do you ever find it's harder to use your "will power" in the evening than in the morning? You eat well all day and then at night the treats come out (or "my witching hour" as one of my clients calls it).

Sound familiar?


The truth is, your will power is more like a muscle than an inexhaustible resource.

It can get tired after being used all day but it can also be strengthened! The part of your brain that helps you make logical decisions is full of energy in the beginning of the day (healthy breakfast, no problem?!)  After deciding what to wear, which way to take to get to work, whether to go to the gym or get groceries, what to buy, what to text back, and on and on all day you start to drain your "will power bank account." By the time you get home the more primitive instincts kick in and mindless and emotional eating are hard to stop. There's no "will power" left.


The good news!

Building habits helps save will power.

If you choose something you want to work towards (maybe meal prepping every Sunday, the gym after work Monday, Wednesday & Friday, something green with every meal) and do it every day after a few weeks it will become a habit, and one less decision the brain needs to make!

Habits don't drain will power.

Simple changes like picking out your clothes the night before, having your lunch ready, scheduling your day ahead of time and meal planning also help save your will power and make reaching your health & weight goals feel more effortless.

Want to learn more? Check out: https://www.thecut.com/2016/05/you-will-make-200-decisions-about-food-today.html