Self Care: For Anyone, Anytime

What exactly is self care? Visit my previous blog here to find out!

If you're already on board and looking for some strategies to start today - read on!

Daily self-care is important for everyone & will look different depending how much time you have and what you enjoy. Identify your own needs & take steps to meet them

I've got 5 minutes.. !

  • meditate
  • make a cup of tea
  • listen to your favourite song
  • sit in the sunshine
  • close your eyes & take some deep breaths
  • reflect on something you're grateful for
  • snuggle with a pet or loved one

I've got 30 minutes

  • take a bubble bath
  • call a friend or family member (that inspires you, energizes you or makes you laugh)
  • buy yourself a plant or some flowers
  • cross something off your to do list (catch: you have to do it!)
  • go for a walk
  • journal
  • paint your nails or do a face mask

I've got an hour

  • unplug for an hour (no screens!)
  • go to a yoga class or the gym
  • go for lunch with a friend whose company you enjoy!
  • get things done so you can get to bed an hour earlier
  • make a meal you love, sit down & enjoy it
  • read a book
  • go cloud watching
  • go for a massage

I've got a day.. or more - let's do this!
  • plan a day outside: go paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, exploring
  • PLAY! Our bodies were made to move! Try rock climbing, a dance class, a new sport
  • explore your creative side: try a painting night or a pottery class
  • learn something new - take a photography class or learn a new language
  • plant a garden
  • prep food for the week (self care for future you)
  • be selfish: take a day to everything you can that makes you happy
  • be selfless: volunteer, help someone. This can be big or small - from a volunteer trip to shoveling a neighbours driveway)
  • plan a getaway

Note: if you feel like you never have a whole day, what can you shift or say no to in order to have this time. Skip a night at the bar, say no to an event your not looking forward to - make YOU a priority.

It's worth doing..

Not all self care is fun, but remembering these will help keep you healthy & happy in the long run:

  • attend your yearly checkups: doctor, dentist, etc.
  • clean your space: office, bedroom, purse
  • do the dishes (this doesn't sound fun but how good does it feel when your kitchen is spotless?! Just me.. ?)
  • clean our your inbox
  • cross the important things off your to do list first

In love & self love,

Amy xx