Mindful and Intuitive Eating


Mindful & Intuitive Eating. I'm sure you've heard these terms before but what exactly do they mean and why should you care?

In my experience the way that you make lasting health and weight changes is by learning what FEELS good in your body and tuning in to your hunger and satiety (full) cues.

People who count calories are less likely to see LASTING results because they’re OUTSOURCING appetite awareness. If you rely on an app or food scale to tell you when to stop eating, what do you do when you aren't using these tools?

Mindful Eating


Mindful eating is the art of becoming aware. It involves slowing down, listening and it can be VERY uncomfortable if you tend to eat while checking your phone, watching TV and reading a book simultaneously.

Mindful Eating Tips
- take a few deep breaths before eating
- when eating, just eat (as often as possible avoid screens and eating on the go)
- sit at a table
- set the mood (light a candle, put on some light music)
- taste your food
- chew your food
- eat slowly
- stop eating when you're satisfied

Intuitive Eating


Intuitive eating means listening to our bodies INTERNAL cues rather than EXTERNAL cues to decide what, when and how much to eat. Unfortunately when we eat sugar and processed foods the messages our body gives us aren't so much about what we need, but a chemical reaction to components of these foods. If you decide to eat a cookie (post-reset of course) know that you may crave more sugar for a couple days after. Make it a choice not a cheat.

One study showed that overweight people as well as Americans tend to be more influenced by external cues such as:
- When my plate is empty
- When everyone else at the table is done
- When my TV show is done

While normal weight people and those from Europe stop eating due to internal cues “when I’m no longer hungry.”

Like any new skill this takes practice. It may feel foreign or uncomfortable at first but with time will become habit.

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