Fat is Not a Feeling

“I feel fat”

This is a sentence most of us have heard, and have likely said, at some point in our lives. Statistics show that 91% of women are unhappy with their appearance. But how does this translate into us being unhappy with our lives?

Let’s look at the sentence again. “I feel fat.”

Fat is not a feeling. You're not wrong for saying you feel this way, but in my experience there's always more to the story. Try asking yourself what other emotion you might be experiencing. What feeling have you attached to your body weight? These are tough questions, but can significantly shift our experience. Are you feeling embarrassed? Maybe you’ve gained weight and are ashamed for others to see you? Are you feeling sad? Has weight gain taken away your ability to get joy out of life? Are you feeling angry? Frustrated? Confused? Unmotivated? Undesirable? Unloved? Uncomfortable in your skin? Take some time to unpack the emotions attached. These are often what we need to address alongside any dietary plan. 

Let’s try another one.

“I am fat”

Now we’ve associated fat with our identity. Associated fat with who we are. And if we identify fat as “bad” then what do we think ourselves? Don't let weight define your worth. Recognize body weight for what it is and acknowledge the way it is making you feel. 


Let’s change the conversation and the questions we ask. Let's address the other emotions that we are experiencing. Let's examine what in our lives may be driving us towards certain food choices, less activity or conditions that inhibit our ability to feel good in our skin. 

Let’s work on being the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves without questioning our value along the way.

You are human. You are worthy of your love and respect.

"You are capable of being both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously." - Sophie Bush